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Who We Are
Business Transformation Delivered

Who We Are
Business Transformation

Freedom is an established management consulting firm with world-class capabilities and a proven track record. We are characterized by an excellent balance of offerings and capabilities in realizing business transformation, continuing to provide value to our clients in completing their transformation. Not only are we dedicated in supporting our clients to achieve their business goals through strategic consulting and roadmapping, but also in serving the world by supporting the growth of promising companies that will contribute to the economy.

Mission Statement
With the impending Singularity in mind,
we aim to achieve a monumental transformation
using the power of management and technology
to turn Earth into a paradise.

Mission Statement
With the impending Singularity
in mind, we aim to achieve
a monumental transformation
using the power of management
and technology to turn Earth
into a paradise.

Freedom's 7 Core Values

Freedom's 7 Core ValuesFreedom's 7 Core Values

Our business and management consulting methodology doesn't end with PowerPoint documents,
and we don't just implement them like a systems integrator ;
what enables us to continuously deliver valuable results is
our bipolar Strategic Deployment Units (SDUs),
which are dedicated to the realization of the following two transformational changes.

Business Transformation

Management Strategy

All of our clients are very high-added-value, high-growth companies. The more high-growth, high-performing the client, the more unique their business challenges are. Since our founding, our consulting team has often consulted with these high-growth companies on management issues, and we have worked with clients on strategic issues in a variety of industries.

Industries we specialize in

Apparel / Beverage / Food / Science / Pharmaceutical / Semiconductor / Electronic component trading company / Automobile / Construction / Steel / Robotics and equipment / Trading / Cosmetics and healthcare / Assembly and manufacturing / Service

M&A is sometimes an essential management tool for strategic business growth. We assist our clients with due diligence in corporate acquisitions, including analyzing the information assets of and determining the capability of the acquired company, selecting questions to be asked, planning post-merger integration after the acquisition, and assisting in the implementation of information systems integration.
Climate change and the limited capacity of the natural environment are forcing companies to conduct management and production activities sustainably, rather than simply maximizing profits. This trend is not only externally demanded as a social responsibility, but is certainly an area where demands from business partners and end-users will also increase in the future. Freedom collects corporate management data such as ERP and peripheral facilities, and contributes to the consistent realization of sustainability management by visualizing results, forecasts, and performance, which are important for PDCA cycles, and providing effective strategic advisory services to clients to help them realize sustainable management.
Support for overseas expansion
Freedom has boldly taken on the challenge of overseas expansion since its founding. Establishing a new business overseas and developing sales channels is a difficult, capital- and time-intensive business strategy. However, the benefits of foreign currency earnings and market diversification, as well as risk diversification, can have a significant impact on a successful business expansion strategy over the long term. We assist our clients who are expanding overseas to the US and Singapore with business start-up support, infrastructure and system construction, and sales channel development.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is our most outstanding core competency. No matter how good the business strategy or information system assets, it is ultimately the people who run the organization. Freedom's approach to the people who work in organizations, the biggest obstacle to change and the most important factor in success, has been very important to us, and we have continued to build on our excellent methodology and advanced training tool assets since our inception. We continue to improve and take on challenges as we move forward.

Our consulting team, as well as our dedicated IT team, also places great importance on the management of new business processes and our OCM team has used its methodology to improve and transform several business processes.

Business Process Management (BPM)
When major changes in business practices or the introduction of new information system assets are required to realize a management strategy, it is necessary to define a new business model and workflow while organizing existing operations. Rather than examining the business granularly piece by piece, we adopt a business process management methodology that allows us to break down the business levels from the overall corporate value chain and map it to unique operations to ensure comprehensive and overall consistency. In addition, we are working on digitalization for workflow documentation and asset creation, using business process management tools to construct workflows.
Employees are very sensitive and highly resistant to new tasks associated with orginazational changes as well as new roles or changes to their existing work due to changes in business function assignments. It is a clear statistical fact that the probability of failure of a transformation project increases dramatically when new structures and information assets are adapted without proper training, counseling, and consultation regarding these changes. Freedom is a company that has been trusted and entrusted to provide support for the client side, especially on the business front, since its establishment, and we have a proven track record of training programs with deep consideration for the feelings of stakeholders who are impacted by organizational change. Our training assets are highly templated, and we excel at customizing them to meet our clients' needs. If your staff lacks sufficient man-hours to spend sufficient time on training, we can dispatch our experienced trainers for condensed intensive training or long term training support.
Business Process Re-engineering
In many cases, it is difficult for a client company to execute a planned transformation project and implement the appropriate PDCA cycle by itself due to coordination with existing operations, inability to generate sufficient man-hours, or lack of experience and management know-how in the company's own staff. Freedom can assist in the execution of various projects based on its past experience and assets. We can support you in everything from implementing changes to achieving them, including project managers and project secretariats.
Business manual preparation
We have also been digitizing training manuals and job aids using video recording tools, enabling us to plan and execute easy-to-understand trainings that are tied to the workflow. If your staff does not have the time to create manuals, we can dispatch our experienced manual writers. We use powerful DAP tools to create and provide digital manual content.


The population of developed countries will tend to decline in the future. In a world with an aging population and declining birth rates, it will be extremely difficult to secure a qualified workforce, and outsourcing work along with standardization and manual creation will be necessary to achieve sales and business expansion while maintaining overhead costs. Freedom has offshored and centralized its operations in India, the Philippines, and other countries with large populations of talented workers, enabling it to expand the capacity of its clients' and its own operations.

Data entry
We perform manualized data entry on your behalf. We can help you reduce variable costs for low-value-added processes, reduce staffing costs, and address scalability.
Help desk
We offer shared services for primary reception, isolation and dispatch, ticket generation, and management at low cost.

Business Integration

IT Strategy

A good management strategy is of little use without an information system to implement it. Freedom's consultants can organize and plan a digital roadmap for the realization of a client's management strategy based on their deep IT knowledge and experience in system conception and implementation. We develop strategies to achieve management transformation with the CIO and CEO class based on a deeper understanding of the client's issues.

Freedom not only develops a system implementation plan, but also breaks down the current business and system functional arrangement to business levels 1 through 3, and then formulates a 3-5 year strategic digital roadmap with the client and delivers it.
ROI Simulation
Explaining to management the effectiveness of the information assets being invested in, is an extremely important step in implementing your strategy. Freedom can perform value engineering using a tool that calculates the amount of effect on the invested assets based on past client data by industry and size. We can also deliver cost-effectiveness calculations and reports through diligent data collection and analysis.
Product comparison
When there are multiple options for potential information assets to invest in, a decision must be made in the early stages of management transformation on which package or system should be selected. Our consultants help clients select the right product by establishing appropriate evaluation criteria.

System Integration

Implementing a system based on the envisioned digital roadmap eventually becomes necessary to achieve business transformation. Freedom not only conceptualizes through strategic planning, but also utilize our extensive past knowledge, assets, and methodologies to support our clients in achieving their transformation.

System implementation/development
We can implement and deploy systems using offshore or on-site partners.
Application maintenance
We maintain the application layer of information assets in operation on your behalf. We ensure the stable operation and change management of information assets in operation with our extensive knowledge and experience.
Job monitoring
We monitor the operation of data integration and batch jobs in large systems and report any problems.
Infrastructure maintenance
We maintain cloud platforms, physical servers and networks to ensure the uninterupted operation of state-of-the-art applications running on the servers and reformed client operations.

Products & Resale

Freedom has strong alliances with package solution vendors to enable digital transformation as well as consulting, and we resell carefully selected high-quality products to our clients.

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